2014: Social Media to Help Firms Offering Web Design in Indianapolis

If there is one thing that 2013 has taught people about social media, it is that social media is slowly becoming an integral part of any organization’s marketing efforts. As mentioned in The Premium Times article,

Social Media


Businesses are already coming to terms with the need to integrate their social media efforts with their content strategy, and are seeing the impact of social media in terms of reach, referral traffic, and revenue. Seeing these very real and measurable benefits, there would be a change from social media tasks being assigned to existing employees to companies hiring social media strategists or full-time social media managers.

As such, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see marketing agencies like Indy SEO Firm, an Indianapolis web design agency that also specializes in search engine optimization, to be hired by companies of all shapes and sizes for their marketing campaigns in 2014. The logic is simple: nearly everyone is into social media these days, so why not reach out to them via social media sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter? The task is easier said than done, however, because not all websites are optimized or have incorporated certain features of social media like linking and sharing.

Those who fail to meet this challenge will be missing out on a lot because the number of social media users are growing every day. Facebook, for instance, has about 1.15 billion users as of December 2013 most of who interact with one another to share photos and videos. Such internet traffic can be taken as an opportunity for businesses to provide their target market in a particular region with regular updates, special promos, and interesting reads (collectively known as local buzz). After all, most marketers would remind their clients that the bedrock of a business’s costumer base can be found locally, rather than nationally. Through media sharing sites like LinkedIn, people can be given a heads-up on deals, news, and the like without having to read the newspaper or go to a physical outlet from another city.

Indeed, one of the biggest challenges for website design in Indianapolis, or elsewhere for that matter, is to ensure that a website’s social media presence is as large as possible. The more people who visit it regularly through links and sharing, the more prominent and active it will become, which hopefully translates to bigger profits. This sounds good in theory, although marketers can only wait and see what 2014 has in store for them.

(Article Information and Image from Top social media networks that may dominate 2014, Premium Times, December 30, 2013)