A Guide for Effective Web Marketing in Indiana: Using Social Media to Promote a Business

There’s no doubt that social networking sites are among the most visited websites today. According to a December 2012 report from Nielsen, users spent 30 percent of their online time on social media sites using their smart phones. A business owner who wishes to get ahead of the business race, like taking the lead in the Indy 500, can take advantage of social media to promote his business.

For more effective business promotion efforts using social media, businesses can turn to specialists in web marketing in Indiana with experience in social media marketing like the ones from Indy SEO Firm. These internet marketing professionals are adept on the use of various social media platforms for business promotion. Here’s a look at some of the more popular social networking services.


According to socialbakers.com, there are about 163 million Facebook users in the United States, which is over half of the country’s entire population. Thus, a company could develop a wider reach by creating a group page to post status updates on a new product launch or an upcoming event. He can easily engage with users by replying to comments on the status updates feature of this social networking platform.


With Twitter, a business owner can create a profile, and invite followers. Through this facility, the company can post or send “tweets” about new products or upcoming events in real-time. These tweets can then be easily shared by his followers, thereby multiplying the reach of the initial message.


While relatively new, Pinterest is quickly becoming a popular tool in Internet marketing. Although Facebook and Twitter mostly involve posting status updates and sending tweets to generate interest on a product or a service, Pinterest involves posting of eye-catching images to pique curiosity on a product or a service.


In cases where text and visuals are not enough to catch the Internet user’s attention, utilities like YouTube can help. With this website, a business owner can provide internet audiences with a clearer idea on the benefits and attractions of a particular product or service. This can be in the form of instructional videos on proper use of the product, or clip featuring actual customers enjoying the product.

If including social media in your marketing arsenal is a strategy you are intent on, it’s best to hire professionals that offer SEO services in Indiana. These experts can help increase your clientele.