Are You Hiring a Legitimate SEO Company or a Shady Marketing Firm?

The number of companies that offer SEO services is very high. Go to Google and search using the search term “SEO Company” and you will get around 58,400,000 results.

While not all of these are links to individual companies providing SEO in Indianapolis or elsewhere, the high search results ought to give you an idea of the plethora of businesses purporting to be SEO professionals.

Cutts Implies
You should know that there is great value in effective Search Engine Optimization. However, enlisting the aid of a less than trustworthy internet marketing company can be devastating to your search engine rankings.

If they are using “shady” methods, for which Google will penalize you, then the damage to your business can take a very long time to undo.

In an article published by Search Engine Land titled “Matt Cutts Implies Google Is Aware Of SEOs Bribing Bloggers” written by Barry Schwartz, this subject is discussed concerning one particular shady method of increasing search engine rankings – one that only lines the pockets of the service provider and does not help increase rankings.

This is evident in a tweet that the author of the article references from Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts. He tweeted a link to an article from Gawker titled, “Shady Marketing Firms Are Still Quietly Bribing Bloggers”.

The Gawker article describes how they were approached by a firm that offered to pay them to insert links into their client’s websites in Gawker posts.

To briefly reiterate the problematic aspects of the practice: these firms are hired by clients to enhance their Google results and overall SEO. The firms then offer to, essentially, bribe writers at various websites to place links to their clients in editorial content, because Google looks kindly on such links when calculating search rankings.

The writers get paid; the links go in quietly; the cash is slipped into PayPal accounts; the news organizations are never informed. Its stealth marketing and it’s designed to deceive both the employer and the reader. It’s an unethical scam.

In the tweet concerning the Gawker article, Matt Cutts wrote that they (Google) are, “taking action on hundreds of buyers, dozens of sites, & dozens of spammy writers.”

By going directly to a reporter or blogger and bribing them to add links to sites without the site owner’s knowledge is considered spamming by Google.

Choosing a reliable Indianapolis SEO company such as IndySEOfirm that uses only acceptable methods of increasing search engine rankings is the key to success. Make sure that you hire a legitimate SEO company and not a shady marketing firm!

(Article Excerpt and Image from Matt Cutts Implies Google Is Aware Of SEOs Bribing Bloggers, Search Engine Land, December 23, 2013.)