Black and White Hat SEO Indianapolis Firms

Whenever you enter keywords in a search engine and hit enter, you get a list of websites that contain that query term. Users normally visit the first few websites that are at the top of the list as they perceive it to be more relevant to the keywords they are looking for. Some websites rank higher than others because of a relatively new web marketing technique called search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is the process that involves a number of activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website or web page in organic (also referred to as free, editorial, or natural) listings on search engines. Search engines use a specific algorithm to determine which website will be ranked higher for some particular keyword search. In most cases, these algorithms are kept strictly confidential but their general concepts and principles can be found by analyzing search engine behavior.

SEO can fall under one of two categories: black hat SEO and white hat SEO. The two are different (and normally opposing) views of how to optimize search engine results. Black hat SEO involves activities that go against search engine guidelines. Black hat methods tend to achieve rankings quickly, but not very long-lasting. Search engines typically penalize sites that utilize black hat methods by dropping their rankings or eliminating their listings altogether.

SEO Indianapolis techniques are considered White hat if they conform with the guidelines set forth by the search engine and involve no deception. White hat SEO is accomplished by creating content for the user and not for the search engine algorithm. Methods used by white hat SEO companies yield better results in the long run and efforts are steady and ongoing.

White hat SEO Indianapolis companies also take time to research, analyze, and if needed, rewrite meta tags, content, and may offer a slight redesign of the website and page names. It is highly recommended to optimize your search engine rankings by writing unique, quality content. This is stark contrast to black hat methods of keyword and meta tag stuffing in a page to increase the density of the keywords, without really having much to say.

It is a good thing to know that search engines like Google does not consider SEO Indianapolis to be spam. For many search engines, SEO only becomes spam when it goes against quality guidelines and involves violations like hidden text, hidden links, cloaking, or sneaky redirects. In the end, SEO (white hat ones, at least) is all about coming up with useful content or services that has the keywords people are looking for. It also involves coming up with smart angles so that people will come to know about your site (without taking shortcuts).