Social Media Marketing in Indianapolis: Basic Internet Rules Apply

taming the social meadia marketing beast

Social media is acknowledged to be a convenient and very accessible way to network with friends and strangers alike. In the case of businesses, it is an ocean of opportunities that companies must try to comprehend to be able to tap for marketing purposes. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of subscribers, most—if not all—of whom can be considered potential customers for a product or service.

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Working with an Indianapolis Web Design Firm to Upgrade the Business

only two of the ftse100 use responsive web design while over half not having mobile site

Conventional wisdom would tell you that the biggest enterprises in the world should have the largest manpower, follow the best business models, and employ the latest technologies in their respective industries. Surprisingly, the truth is a bit off the mark as it’s been discovered that only two FTSE100 companies have a responsive web design—a feature that is endorsed by nearly all website design authorities today. Online publication The Drum also revealed that only 42 of these 100 big enterprises have a mobile website.

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Responsive Web Design in Indianapolis Improves User Accessibility

responsive web design

More and more people are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, so it’s critical for websites to actually work on these mobile platforms to be any effective. Moreover, websites accessible on mobile gadgets must have the capability to adapt to the users’ unique search preferences. The Business 2 Community website has a curious news feature dated March 9, 2014 that discusses the importance of responsive web design, and how it helps localize the site for users. The article outlines the benefits of a responsive web design:

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Ways to Pull off Effective Social Media Marketing in Indianapolis


Social media is pretty much a major part of everyday life now – so much so that more than 70% of online American adults today use it. Then again, many polls also show that just about 33% of American users have taken to following brands through the social media as of 2012; while this is a considerable enough jump from 16% in 2010, this proves that there is still room for expansion in the Indianapolis social media marketing industry. As a business owner, how can you help promote your brand through social media?

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Indianapolis Web Design Tips: Elements of a Good Business Website


If you ask any reputable Indianapolis web design company, such as the reputable Indianapolis SEO Firm, you will get the same advice as anywhere: Build your website to get the best chance of directing internet traffic into your site, and hopefully turn that traffic into customers and eventually, profit. So what makes a good website? Here are some of the marketing elements to consider:

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