Social Media Marketing in Indianapolis: Basic Internet Rules Apply

taming the social meadia marketing beast

Social media is acknowledged to be a convenient and very accessible way to network with friends and strangers alike. In the case of businesses, it is an ocean of opportunities that companies must try to comprehend to be able to tap for marketing purposes. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of subscribers, most—if not all—of whom can be considered potential customers for a product or service.

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Working with an Indianapolis Web Design Firm to Upgrade the Business

only two of the ftse100 use responsive web design while over half not having mobile site

Conventional wisdom would tell you that the biggest enterprises in the world should have the largest manpower, follow the best business models, and employ the latest technologies in their respective industries. Surprisingly, the truth is a bit off the mark as it’s been discovered that only two FTSE100 companies have a responsive web design—a feature that is endorsed by nearly all website design authorities today. Online publication The Drum also revealed that only 42 of these 100 big enterprises have a mobile website.

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Responsive Web Design in Indianapolis Improves User Accessibility

responsive web design

More and more people are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, so it’s critical for websites to actually work on these mobile platforms to be any effective. Moreover, websites accessible on mobile gadgets must have the capability to adapt to the users’ unique search preferences. The Business 2 Community website has a curious news feature dated March 9, 2014 that discusses the importance of responsive web design, and how it helps localize the site for users. The article outlines the benefits of a responsive web design:

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2014 Indianapolis Website Design Shifts: How Businesses can Keep Up


The world of online marketing is constantly evolving, and so have the various online marketing techniques, notably, in the field of search engine optimization or SEO. Keyword-optimizing one’s business website helps keep it visible to potential customers in the midst of the continuous stream of online traffic. However, directing consumer traffic to a website is one thing – it is quite another to keep them interested long enough to convert them into paying customers.

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2014 Predictions for SEO throughout Indianapolis and the Entire Web


With the continuous expansion of search engine optimization (SEO) and its growing popularity among businesses today, numerous IT experts have plotted some predictions about the search engine technology that are likely to make headways as 2014 advances along. Writing for, Eric Enge enumerates the predictions, as follows: The rise of Google’s Hummingbird engine: the newest SEO innovation is bound to have its’ presence felt this 2014 – with regards to more efficient processing of searches. Author/publisher ranks: Search engines are bound to display link publisher ranking, making it easier for the net surfer to judge which links are bogus and which is not, allowing for much thorough searches.

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Are You Hiring a Legitimate SEO Company or a Shady Marketing Firm?


The number of companies that offer SEO services is very high. Go to Google and search using the search term “SEO Company” and you will get around 58,400,000 results. While not all of these are links to individual companies providing SEO in Indianapolis or elsewhere, the high search results ought to give you an idea of the plethora of businesses purporting to be SEO professionals.

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Updated Internet Marketing in Indianapolis Needs Social Media Backing

Online Marketing

Web marketing strategies constantly change to suit the dynamic natures of both the Internet and consumers, so it would make sense for businesses to anticipate which trends will emerge and stay popular. The Tech Cocktail website posted an article last November 15, 2013 that projects the online marketing trends for the year 2014. Not surprisingly, the article predicts the importance of social media in Web marketing, and SEO in particular:

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