Deciding on Your Website’s Color Scheme

These days, a lot of companies entrust their website’s color scheme to Web design companies. While this decision is only natural, problems may happen if the company you chose lack prior experience or expertise in the field.

Even if agencies like ours can provide you with a professionally-made website design in Indianapolis, knowing the basics of color scheme selections can greatly benefit your business. This will enable you to not only make good choices, but also ensure that you are effectively and consistently building your brand image.

Knowing the Industry Standards

If you want to ground your website’s color scheme with something identifiable, we recommend that you go for colors commonly used in your industry. For instance, if you’re in the field of healthcare and medicine, white with a few hints of green and blue will do. If you’re in the food and beverage industry, delicious shades of red and yellow will help online users identify you easily.

Learning About the Psychology of Colors

Understanding the psychology of colors can help you stimulate the emotion, response, or action you want from your online users. Blue, for instance, denotes calmness, seriousness, and professionals. Red, in contrast, gives the impression of passion, excitement, and adventure. We also suggest you take note of the colors that work well with your audience. If your target audiences are children, it’s best if you use a mix of bold colors.  Otherwise, you can go for something simpler and easier to recognize.

Establishing the Image of Your Company

There are many global brands that are able to establish their names along with specific shades of colors. Coca-Cola, for instance, features that prominent red color in all its merchandise. Facebook, on the other hand, is known for the unmistakable shade of blue on its homepage. Starbucks’ logo comes with the distinct green color that you cannot miss. If you want to accomplish the same feat with your Web design in Indianapolis, we suggest you think hard about the values, the morals, and the ideals your brand wants to reflect. Then all you need to do is stick to it and make sure it’s consistent in all of your marketing collaterals and materials.

Coming up with a distinct color scheme for your website is relatively easy. Even if there are agencies that can help you with, it wouldn’t hurt if you know the basics and arm yourself with enough knowledge about the delicate art behind it. But if you still want to entrust your brand with only the best, our company is the one you are looking for. We can provide you with excellent Web development in Indianapolis and even consult with you regarding your branding concerns.