Dynamic Indianapolis SEO: All About The Keywords

A single word or phrase can change the way Internet users view your web page. This defines the keyword in a nutshell. Keywords are like the targets in a shooting range. As such, the role of an SEO or search engine optimization provider can be likened to laser sight on an assault rifle. Just as the laser sight points the rifle at the target, effective SEO points search engine users to optimized websites.

With optimized keywords, the client’s website has a greater chance of ranking higher on any search engine result page. Typically, search engine users only look at the first few pages of any result page. Thus, effective Indianapolis SEO ensures that a website stays ahead of the rest. To be effective, targeted keywords must be dense, relevant and mentioned frequently in a web article. The more these qualities are taken into consideration, the more visible a client’s website will likely be.

Keyword Density

The ideal keyword density rate ranges from 3 to 5 percent and can be calculated by dividing the number of targeted keywords by the total word count in an article. This should not get any higher than 5 percent because search engines may mark the links as spam, which is bad news for any website. In short, there should only be 3 to 5 keywords for every 100 words.


Search engines also take into account keyword frequency. One thing search engines have in common is that they rank the search results according to relevance, i.e. links with a lot of related keywords. As such, effective Indianapolis SEO providers are careful not to overuse keywords because the site may be flagged as spam.


Optimized keywords turn out better when they are as close to each other as possible rather than being isolated. This quality can be achieved if there are two or more keywords that need optimizing. Ideally, keywords must be at least one to two words apart. It also helps when keywords are used as early as possible, say, at the start of a paragraph.

Thus, it can be said that SEO work focuses on keyword optimization. How well a keyword points a search engine user to the client’s website defines effective Indianapolis SEO. Keyword optimization is also a natural way of optimizing search engines without tampering or changing the search engine’s scripts.