Effective Indianapolis Web Design: Great Functionality, Great Content

Indianapolis is the site of Indy 500, one of the biggest car racing events in the world. Cars, though, are not the only ones racing in Indiana. Businesses do, too, to get ahead of the competition. One of the things that will help them achieve this goal is a well-designed website.

Less is MoreAn article written for The Huffington Post by the Writer’s Relief staff suggests that when it comes to effective Indianapolis web design, sometimes, less is more. Here is why:

Let’s take a look at how to implement a minimalist approach and how it can convey all you want and more:

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is fundamental to a minimalist approach. What makes a website so attractive is its ability to perform cross-platform. If you don’t fill your site with too much custom CSS, Flash animation, or JavaScript, it will be able to display well on multiple Web browsers—even mobile ones.

Make Sure Your Message Is Clear And Concise

Your design style should translate to your message as well. Keep it short, simple, and easy to decipher. Users should be able to find out everything about you without trying too hard. Keeping your message clear to users will prevent them from feeling frustrated and annoyed, and may ultimately convert them into returning visitors/fans.

In the world of auto racing, the flashiest-looking cars don’t always win the race (although they do make for interesting sights at the track). Rather, the winning formula involves a well-tuned and powerful engine. In the world of web design, the website with snazzy graphics and cool animation features don’t guarantee victory in the race to the top of search engine results pages. A combination of excellent functionality and quality content often does the trick.

Functionality has less to do with a website’s style and more to do with its user-friendliness or usability, like quick loading times, easy navigation, and readability. First-rate content, meanwhile, involves giving the users what they’re looking for.

Unfortunately, business owners who are considering launching a new website or revamping their existing one may not have the sufficient technical know-how or resources to ensure functionality and optimized content. The good news is, they do not have to take on the job themselves. They can rely on the services of skillful Indianapolis web development professionals who have ample experience in web design and SEO, to ensure a perfect balance among style, function, and content.

Business owners can’t afford to be left behind in the race to success. Having a well-conceived website done by trusted web design firms like Indy SEO Firm can give them a headstart.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Less Is More: The Muscle In Minimalist Web Design, Huffingtonpost.com, Published 26 June 2013)