First Impressions Matter: SEO Tips for Indianapolis Web Design Experts

Many business websites today─ especially those of businesses based in Indianapolis─ maintain blogs that provide useful information on their products and services. No one will find these blogs, however, if the website has not been properly search engine optimized. That’s why a article by blogger Issac Atia educates Indianapolis web design professionals on what to avoid:

1. Buying Links
You might get a short term boost by buying links if your website is already popular, but you’re still taking a risk here. Paid links are sometimes flagged by Google’s search engine experts. You may wonder, how will they ever catch me? Well, Google’s bots and a special team at the company search for questionable linking patterns every single day!”

Said bots and special team can detect suspicious links, especially those from categories that have nothing to do with the end site’s products or services. Indianapolis web development experts agree, however, that link buying shouldn’t be completely discouraged. Rather, those who insist on pursuing it should learn to inject variety into their anchor text.

First Impressions Matter - SEO Tips for Indianapolis Web Design Experts

As important as content is, Atia also advises against neglecting a website’s looks. First impressions are often lasting ones, and if your website is an eyesore or takes too long to load, your would-be clients are highly likely to take their business elsewhere. Go for colors that mesh well together and make proper use of white space to make the right spots stand out.

SEO experts like those from Indianapolis SEO Firm can make sure your website not just looks great, but contains the kind of content that will keep interested readers coming back for more. Make that first impression count.

(Article and Image Excerpt from Bloggers: 10 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid,, Issac Atia)