Google’s New Penalty System to Level the SEO Indiana Playing Field

You know the old saying: “What’s worth doing is worth overdoing.” Anyone can get swept up in the excitement of a close fight in a tennis game. Does the Internet have something that is worth doing too good of a job of?

Dozens – and one of them is doing too much SEO. Just like drugs, an overdose of SEO Indiana firms might do can do more harm than good.

Google has recently announced that it was working on a penalty system for Websites that have too much SEO. Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, said the system would “level the playing field” by providing other sites a better shot at being featured on Google. The plan itself isn’t unusual, as Google has been keeping the search engine clean for years.

It makes you wonder about one thing, though. Just how much is too much?

As Cutts explained, the new system is designed to reduce spam in search engine returns. For years, many Websites are using spam techniques to get ahead of their rivals in the results page. In Google’s eyes, these techniques are downright unfair and deny other sites the chance to make it big on the Internet. Ethical SEO Indianapolis has to offer would never stoop that low.

Keyword density more than 10 percent

Cutts warned Websites against using keywords to the point that there are more of them than actual the Website content. The trend should have been extinct at least five years ago with the priority for ranking having shifted to link profiles. The normal keyword density value should highly resemble natural speech – no more than five percent.

Any higher than 10 to 20 percent and the site is as good as biting the dust. Face it: no one will like reading an article that repeats a phrase over and over. In fact, you wouldn’t even try to repeat yourself in normal speech. Also, nobody likes to read spam.

Google’s new penalty system on too much SEO should take effect in the following months. As for the site, the system won’t totally ban it should it break the rules. It is, however, important to clean it up to make it more user-friendly. One good method is to cut on excess keywords and place leftovers at proper places in the article.

Google’s algorithm is growing more cunning as SEO continues to evolve. The changes are needed to prevent spammers from having their way in search results – something the Internet doesn’t appreciate. Trust only an SEO company Indiana firms rely on that plays by the rules and abides by the changes.