How Indiana SEO Firms Use Foursquare: Checking into the Profit Zone

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are some of the more popular social media platforms that affect search engine optimization (SEO). What many local businesses in Indiana fail to realize, however, is that there is another avenue. A new one, called Foursquare, can also help with SEO efforts.

Foursquare is believed to be the “next hot thing in social media”. It allows users to “check in” to their favorite stores, restaurants, and cafés, as well as share these check-ins with friends,receive news updates, and enjoy promos. Because each venue on Foursquare has a dedicated webpage indexed by Google, Indiana SEO firms can help local businesses rank for geographically-tagged searches.

If you want to use Foursquare for SEO purposes, you must first make sure that all information on your profile page is correct. It’s a no-brainer that the indicated location should be correct because when web crawlers comb through your Foursquare page, they will look for the address. You wouldn’t want your Italian restaurant to show up in Google searches for, say, “restaurants in New York City.” That won’t do your business any good.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to include keywords in your Foursquare profile page. Don’t pepper it with keywords though. You wouldn’t want to make the description look like it was written for web crawlers. The objective is to adequately and appropriately describe your business so that it becomes useful and meaningful to visitors. Besides, Google developers have devised ways to weed out blatant SEO attempts like keyword stuffing.

One last suggestion is to leave tips in a business location that you “manage” on Foursquare. This allows you to place no-follow links (those which tell search engines not tofollow the URL destination coded within) on your site. This technique may not affect SEO directly, but the traffic coming in can help your site gain more exposure.

Foursquare not only offers public customer endorsement and exposure; it also has the ability to affect page rankings on search engines. Consult a trusted Indianapolis SEO company like Indy SEO Firm on the effectiveness of this platform to help drive traffic to both your virtual and physical addresses, and rake in profit.