Indiana SEO Companies and their Basic Strategies to Increase Website Ranking

The moment a person wants to do an online research about a product or service, search engines are the first page they go to. As of 2010, the top three search engines used by Internet users are Google, Yahoo and Bing, with Google taking 71.59 percent of the volume. By March 2012, it was enjoying an average of 900,000,000 unique visitors per month. This is why those in Internet marketing like Indiana SEO firms know the significance of optimizing your website so it could gather more visits.

There are millions of pages in the web about a variety of topics. Search engines help users find specific information which they type in the search box. Basically, they keep an index of words and in what website they found it. As you type words or combination of words in the search box, search engines will present you with the websites that they found relevant. The most relevant site will be on the top of the search results page and the rest will be tagged on the succeeding pages.

If you want thousands of visitors to your site, putting your business’ website on top of the first result page is the goal. So, how do search engines rank websites? How do they determine relevance to certain keywords? Nobody knows the exact algorithm search engines use to rank websites. However, indiana SEM or search engine marketing companies make use of basic strategies to make your website “crawlable” and generate more traffic. Here are three of them:

Keywords Phrases

Keyword phrases are used by advertisers to direct visitors who are looking for information about a specific phrase to their website. Let’s say your business is selling “organic green vegetables;” you can use the keyword phrase “organic green vegetables” to bring in interested visitors to your site who probably typed in the same phrase in the search box.

Popularity of the Keyword

When search engines catalog pages according to rank and relevance, how often the keyword is used in your site matters a lot. Internet etiquette requires you to use your keywords in natural phrasing. Useless repetition or making the text “invisible” then using it over and over to get a higher ranking is pointless and might even get your website reported and banned.

Build Links

Indiana search engine optimization companies like Indy SEO Firm recognize the significance of links in search engine rankings. Links help search engines determine your page’s content and can emphasize your keywords. Whenever other Websites link back to your page or you exchange links with related sites, search engines can look at these links and give significant improvement in your ranking.