Indianapolis Internet Marketing Professionals Discuss SEO Red Flags

There isn’t a business website that doesn’t want to be Number One on search engine results relating to their products and services. Sometimes, however, this leads to some businesses relying on questionable means to achieving that spot; such means could earn them penalties─ if not an outright ban─ from major search engines like Google. An article by researcher Marziah Karch advises Indianapolis internet marketing professionals on what could lead to penalties and bans:

“1. Cloaking
You can design your website to be efficiently catalogued by Google, and you can specify which sites should be cached or ignored by Googlebots. Designing your Web site so that search engines see one thing and visitors see totally different content is called cloaking. This can be done with redirects or with programming, and it’s strictly verboten.”

No likes falling for bait-and-switch tactics. It doesn’t matter if you think you’ll never be caught or if you think cloaking will give you any kind of edge over the competition; any surge in rankings you might enjoy will ultimately prove temporary, and that’s why experts from the likes of Indianapolis SEO Firm discourage cloaking.

Indianapolis Internet Marketing Professionals Discuss SEO Red Flags

The second thing on Karch’s list of things to avoid is duplicate content, that is, content from your website or social media site that is exactly like those on others (or at least very similar). One way for Indianapolis social media marketing companies to remedy this is by making sure the various sections of their site or sites have unique content. For example: one site can be educational while another can be humorous.

Search engine optimization for your website or social media site is all well and good. Never take the quick and easy path, however. Count on reputable SEO companies to get your site that coveted Page 1 ranking the right way, and the rewards will be worth it.
(Article and Image Excerpt from 10 Google Don’ts- SEO Tricks You Should Avoid,, undated)