Indianapolis SEO Company Optimization and Marketing Process

Indianapolis, home of the Indy 500, enjoys an economic growth that is just as fast as its champion racers. This has spurred most companies to develop marketing strategies that will bring in more business and allow them to keep up with the competition. And with the capacity of the Internet to reach millions, internet marketing is among these strategies.

Internet marketing involves search engine optimization (SEO), a process to make a site “search engine friendly,” meaning, search engines will find and rank a specific website higher than others in answer to a query. An Indianapolis SEO company like Indy SEO Firm uses keywords in its content (articles, blogs, and the like), and creates links to drive internet users to the website.

Another internet marketing strategy is search engine marketing (SEM), which has the same goals as SEO but uses a different approach. Services for SEM—also sometimes known as pay-per-click—from an Indiana SEM firm will help rank advertisements fast and will immediately drive traffic to a website on the first day it gets out; however, this does not always guarantee results. Studies have shown that some users are annoyed by pop-up ads and ignore them completely.
A company that uses SEM will have to spend more to promote its business and generate traffic because search engines are paid for every click they get. The cost to have the advertisement place high in the search engine eventually increases as it engages in a “per click bidding war” with competition. And as soon as ad payments stop, the ads are removed from search engines.
Any business owner would want to see how well their websites are performing, thus SEO companies also offer analytics services. Search engine analytics show business owners the progress of optimization by checking web traffic on the website. These analytics are a gauge of how many people visit the website and the frequency of their visits.
SEO companies also incorporate social media marketing to take optimization one step further by allowing businesses to freely interact with their consumers through Facebook or Twitter. In social media they are in touch with their customers and can announce promos. SEO or SEM? Your SEO firm will know what’s best for you.