Maximize SEO in Indianapolis through Mobile-Responsive Website Design

Search engine optimization is important for a business website to earn high rankings in search engines and increase its online visibility. Emily Carter of Business 2 Community, however, emphasizes that SEO efforts should go hand in hand with quality content.

“Content creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are so closely related that they might as well be brother and sister. Having a content marketing strategy is so important for search engine rankings. These days, you cannot have one without the other.”

A well-focused angle is critical to having top-notch web content. Online users are likely to turn away when articles or blog posts tackle a smorgasboard of unrelated ideas, like the upcoming Shamrock Run & Walk event in Downtown Indianapolis and Black Friday. Still, how helpful will well-focused content be to SEO in Indianapolis if users are not able to view text or images ideally when they use their mobile devices to browse the website, and, instead, get distorted text or images?

how to write content that will improve your search engine rankings

Another bad thing that can happen is that the website won’t load in smartphones or tablets at all. If these users have a bad experience with a website because it isn’t mobile-optimized, they are likely to turn away and seek a product or service from other companies. Thus, along with good content, businesses can consider launching a mobile-responsive website with the help of a dependable Indianapolis search engine optimization like Indy SEO Firm to make the most out of their SEO efforts.

A mobile-responsive website is one that “responds” accordingly to the device it’s being viewed on. Before responsive web design came along, businesses typically had to create two different sites: one that’s ideal for viewing through traditional computers and one that’s ideal for viewing on mobile gadgets. The problem with this is that the business had to maintain two website formats, and it also had to get a new domain name for the mobile site, which hinders its SEO efforts.

If a business, then, decided to stick with one website (the one for desktop PC viewing), it risked losing potential customers from the pool of Internet users who visited websites via their cell phones and tablets. Fortunately, with mobile-responsive websites, those who are interested in a product or service can easily do a search using their mobile gadgets and find what they are looking for. It also simplifies businesses’ website creation and SEO efforts.

Technological advancements are constantly evolving. It is the responsibility of businesses to keep up with those changes if they want to establish their place in the industry. Implementing SEO is a worthwhile effort, but businesses can further maximize its benefits by embracing responsive web design.

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