Grab Hoosiers’ Attention and Become a Leader in the Indianapolis Business World through Local Buzz

Geographical location is perhaps the single most important factor in determining whether or not someone is likely to become your customer. Though online shopping is increasing in popularity, most people still prefer to do at least some transactions in person. That means that, unless you are an online-only retailer, you have a much better chance of successfully marketing your products and services to people in and around the Indianapolis area than to people who live half a world away.

Unfortunately, many online marketing companies provide only generalized advice and services. Instead of targeting your advertising strategy towards the people in your area, these companies use a strategy of “spreading and hoping.” They spread your web presence as thinly and broadly as possible and hope that a few potential customers will see it.


To really compete with the big names in Indianapolis business, you need to connect with their core customer base: local residents.

Fortunately, Indianapolis SEO Firm has a better way of doing things. Our Local Buzz service is designed to optimize your web presence so that your time and energy are concentrated in the areas where they are most likely to pay off. This is one area in which other SEO companies cannot compete: We are one of the few who offer marketing targeted to local viewers, even though these methods are proven to yield a greater return on your investment!

The difference between Local Buzz and other online marketing strategies really cannot be overestimated. Because nation-wide businesses already have good name recognition and great marketing strategies, it is important for local Indiana businesses to compete at a higher level if they want to succeed. In a recent study, 85% of people said that they use the Internet to gather information about local businesses before purchasing products or services. Those people use websites like Facebook Places and Bing Local to find and read reviews about local businesses.

Local Buzz gets results by bringing your business to the attention of Indianapolis residents near you.

We often start by setting up accounts for your business on websites where potential customers will look for you—think Facebook Places, Google Maps, Bing Local, and Google Places. When the information about your business on these websites is complete and accurate, it establishes a level of professionalism that customers trust.

It also helps you avoid missing connections because of outdated hours or contact information on your profile.

Once your profiles have been established, we optimize them to help draw in additional local business. That means making a positive impression on more than just the handful of potential customers who go looking for your business. We help you rank in search results and top lists for your area and industry so that anyone in central Indiana looking for the types of products and services you provide will find your company first.