The Most Effective Marketing Strategies Just Got Easier

Why is pay-per-click advertising widely recognized as one of the most effective online marketing strategies? One important reason is that it is the only way to get your website to the very top of Google’s search results immediately. As soon as you set up your account, your site will begin topping the list of results for your chosen keywords. There is no guesswork and no waiting involved!

Another reason many Indiana business owners choose pay-per-click advertising is that it can be set up to “follow” people who have previously visited their website. That is, after someone visits your website, they will start seeing your advertisement on other websites to keep your business at the forefront of your mind. These are the people who have already shown enough interest in your products and services to look them up, making them more likely than the average person to buy from you. Keep up with them to turn them into valuable customers!


Get the most for your money; pay only when your ad is successful!

The problem with traditional advertisements is that they are always costly, but they are not always effective. For example, you may pay to “purchase” a spot on television, but you have no way to ensure that the people who view your advertisement will be people who are in the market for what you sell. With pay-per-click advertisements, you can!

The genius of pay-per-click ads is right there in the name. Regardless of how many times your ad shows up in an online search or how many people see it, you only pay a set rate whenever someone actually clicks through to your website. In other words, you pay only when it works. As a bonus, you get the name recognition generated by people reading your ads and any phone calls to the number you list in your ads absolutely free!

Help potential customers find exactly what they’re looking for: your business!

Think people do not click on the sponsored links at the top of search engine results pages? Think everyone ignores the ads on the sides of other sites they are browsing? Think again. Nearly 65% of people click on advertisements when they are looking to buy a product or service online. When they do, they are most likely (more than 80%) to click on ads at the top of the page rather than ads at the sides or bottom of the page—in other words, exactly where your ad will appear on Google search results!

What’s more, these advertisements are not just showing up out of the blue to people who may not even be in the market for your business’s products and services. They show up only for two types of people: those who have searched for keywords related to your business and those who have already visited your website. Your advertisements are automatically streamlined and targeted towards your ideal audience, so not only do you only pay for clicks, you pay only for clicks that are likely to yield positive results.