Stop Hiding from Your Potential Customers and Race to the Top of Search Engine Results

Search engines are not static. They grow, change, and develop over time in much the same way that any good product or service grows, changes, and develops. The difference is that search engines and the companies that power them are generally much quieter about these changes. Unlike most products, search engines look pretty much the same year in and year out. The changes that happen occur at a technical level, which makes it difficult for ordinary users to notice, let alone understand, them.

So-called professionals often fail to take this into account when they write guides to do-it-yourself search engine optimization or start freelance SEO companies. The result is a group of well-meaning business owners who feel frustrated or disillusioned with search engine optimization strategies. If you have had bad experiences with SEO guides or companies before, you may believe that they are mostly about complicated ways of “tricking” Google, that they only work for big businesses, or that they are simply more trouble than they are worth. Let the real professionals at Indianapolis SEO Firm change your mind.


If you aren’t using SEO techniques to boost your search results, you’re letting your competition cut ahead of you.

53% of clicks go to the first link in the list of search engine results. Just to be clear, that does not mean that 53% of people click the first link. That means that 53% of clicks leading away from that page will lead to the first result. Viewers may still continue to browse other websites further down the listing after they have visited the first one, but the vast majority of people will visit the first one first. The further down the page your website shows up, the less likely people are to visit it at all.

Successful companies both large and small, local to Indiana and spread across the globe, are aware of these statistics. They understand the importance of showing up at the top of search results related to their businesses so they can gain new customers and create greater name recognition. It is not enough to just design a quality website and hope that time and customer loyalty will gradually increase your search rankings. If you want to compete successfully with other businesses in your industry, you need help from the search engine optimization experts at Indianapolis SEO Firm.

Get world leaders in advanced marketing strategies bring your website to the front of the line.

As search engines become increasingly sophisticated, search engine optimization strategies rapidly become outdated. SEO was once about “tricking” websites like Google into thinking your site was the most relevant to a given search query by jamming as many keywords into your content as possible. Google, Bing, and others now have advanced algorithms designed to detect these fraudulent websites and sort them out to ensure their users find only high-quality content.

That is where we come in. It is our job to stay up to date in the latest SEO strategies to keep our customers ahead of their competition. We study the changes and developments in Google’s search patterns because Google is widely recognized as the industry leader. When your website is up to Google’s standards, it surpasses the standards of other search engines.

Equipped with this knowledge, we build up your website with a foundation of high-quality content so that, regardless of how search algorithms change in the future, your website will stay relevant. We think use our years of experience in the field to optimize everything from the number of keywords per page to page titles and even paragraph lengths. The result is a high-quality website guaranteed to shoot up the search rankings in no time.