Mobile Browsing is the Future: Are You Getting Left Behind?

Is your company’s website fully functional when viewed from a cellphone or tablet? If it was not specifically designed to be, do not assume the answer is yes. Many website design experts do not have the knowledge or skills to create a website that works as well on mobile devices as it does on laptop and desktop computers. More importantly, many would not have even thought to try just a few years ago.

Unfortunately, your website’s mobile functionality is important for more than just your customers’ convenience. It can make a huge difference in the number of sales leads you get and even in how many people purchase your products and services online. Consider these shocking statistics:

  • As of May 2013, 61% of all adult cell phone users in the US use their phones to access the Internet.
  • The same study indicated that 34% of those cell phone users accessed the Internet primarily from their phones and rarely if ever used computers.
  • 74% of smartphone users look up location-related information on their phone from outside of the house.
  • Nearly half of all time spent shopping online was spent on a phone or tablet.
  • By 2014, more time will be spent browsing the web from a mobile device than from a traditional computer.

Even if your website is beautiful, functional, and optimized to generate the most Local Buzz, you can still miss out on a substantial number of potential leads and sales by failing to consider mobile browsers.


If your ‘online storefront’ is unorganized, unappealing, or just plain ineffective, potential customers will see your business this way as well.

Of course, the first step to an effective website is far more basic than ensuring mobile compatibility. It is about making your website attractive, professional, and easy to use. Regardless of whether your potential customer is tech savvy or a website novice, they will notice if your webpage is cluttered, uses difficult-to-read font, or is confusing to navigate. Then they will project those impressions onto your company as a whole: One 2013 study indicated that 61% of people would not trust a business with an unprofessional website.

Indianapolis SEO Firm is here to work with you to design a website that fits your business’s personality and that your customers can trust. We can design everything from a new logo to your page layouts and color schemes. We can even write high-quality, professional-sounding content to ensure that there is no piece of your website that gives viewers a reason to doubt you.

Charm viewers with a beautiful, modern website you can be proud of.

Indianapolis SEO Firm works with business owners in Indiana to figure out what they desire from their websites. We want to create a functional, quality website that you feel captures the essence of your company. That way, customers get a great first impression of your business that encompasses everything from your unique personality to your commitment to excellence.

Though we have experience on web development on many different platforms, we prefer to work with WordPress. WordPress is an exciting and dynamic platform that ensures optimum mobile compatibility while giving us many different options for gadgets and layouts. Once we have created a website that meets your standards, we will download WordPress into your server and get your website up and running smoothly and quickly. That means a fantastic, professionally-designed website without any hard work or hassle on your end. Learn more about our web design services by calling us today.