Early Detection is Key for a Healthy, Functioning Company Website

When was the last time you got a checkup to make sure your body’s many complex systems were functioning in harmony? Great! Now, when was the last time you did the same thing for your company website? Unless it was within the last year, you will want to consider hiring a professional website designer or programmer to look it over for you and make sure it is still in good working order. Why not both?

At Indianapolis SEO Firm, we apply our knowledge of many different website-related fields to your website. We can catch everything from minor coding errors to problems with your search engine optimization strategies. Our customers are often surprised to see how many of these little problems we catch—and how much of a difference they make in the long run—even when they believed their websites were working perfectly!


Catch minor snags before they become major catastrophes to ensure you never lose another lead.

You depend on your website to be a professional, working online storefront for your business. Treat it as such! Many Indiana business owners falsely assume that they would know if something was wrong with their website. What these people do not realize is that developers are releasing new Internet browsers and new mobile devices all the time. If your website is not up-to-date with these new specifications, many people will just visit a different website instead of trying to find a better means of access.

You would not trust that your building is still up to fire code just because it has not burned down yet. Do not trust that your website works well on all the new browsers and mobile devices that have been released since it was designed, even if you have not yet heard any complaints. Let us ensure your website’s safety before it is too late.

Whether your website is no longer functional or just a little outdated, Indianapolis SEO Firm’s Website Audit will get it back in working order.

Our detail-oriented programming experts go over every inch of your website’s coding to make sure that everything is functional and up-to-date. We check for broken links, or links that are supposed to direct to one page but go to a different one—or nowhere at all. We examine the forms your customers use to place online orders to ensure they are streamlined and functional. We even check up on your search engine optimization strategies—like the amount of content on each webpage and the number and type of keywords you use. If there is anything holding your website back, we will find it and fix it to make sure you get the full value of the time and money you spend to maintain it.