Psychographics and SEO Indianapolis Marketing

In research, business, and in almost any endeavor, the people involved plays an essential part in its development and growth. For example, businesses have to determine a target market for their products and services while researches have to have a specific population for the scope of the study. Similarly, internet marketing experts also study the people involved in their marketing strategies.

One of the concepts that guide internet marketing experts, particularly those into search engine optimization (SEO), is psychographics. Psychographics marketing goes beyond traditional marketing that involves demographics, which refers to age, location, religion and others. It delves into people’s lifestyles, behavior, and attitude and builds up a more detailed picture of who they are.

Psychographics marketing involves detailed research into newspapers, television programs, and the Internet to ensure that marketing experts reach out to the relevant people. It can also take the form of interviews, focus group discussions, as well as questionnaires and surveys to identify market trends. These experts will then prepare a marketing campaign that caters to specific psychographic groups to encourage them to buy the endorsed products and services.

Most experts in SEO Indianapolis and other states’ businesses hire know the seven types of psychographic profiles in the US today. These mostly stereotypical groups are the Belonger, Achiever, Wannabe, Socially-conscious, Balanced/Integrated, and Needs Driven. The Belonger psychographic profile accounts for forty percent of the US population while the Achiever for five to seven percent. The Wannabe on the other hand accounts for fifteen percent, and is said to be relatively-insecure income-wise.

The Socially-conscious psychographic group accounts for around thirty percent of the population and are divided into types A and B. Consumers who belong to the Balanced/Integrated group accounts for one to two percent of the population while the Needs Driven for fifteen percent, and are said to be impulsive buyers. Most experts in SEO Indianapolis companies hire refer to these psychographic groups when making their campaigns to ensure marketing success for their clients.

Psychographics marketing is important because the data gathered from surveys, interviews, and focused group discussions are vital to the experts in SEO Indianapolis business owners hire. When used with basic demographic marketing, psychographics allows the SEO experts to promote products and services effectively, and to get ahead in their strategies. After all, knowing target market’s activities, interests, and opinions is advantageous especially in business.