QDD and Indiana Web Marketing: Difference in Words Won’t Just Cut It

Here an interesting little phenomenon: try searching for “jaguar” on Google. Results may vary depending on location, but you’re most likely to get the regional or international website of Jaguar Cars as the first entry. As for “jaguar” the animal, it comes in as a poor second (under a Wikipedia entry). How is this possible?

It has always been a challenge for search engines like Google to rank entries that users frequently look for. The word “jaguar,” for instance, has multiple meanings—it could mean the spotted feline, or the audacious older woman seeking younger men, or the British luxury and sports cars. Web marketing in Indiana makes it a point customers find you when they need to, even while considering the intention of the search.

Query deserves diversity (or freshness)

SEO experts will tell you that “query deserves diversity” (QDD; or QDF for some). This is an algorithm used by Google, first cited in a 2007 article by the New York Times, as a way to show new content. Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz.org, says users are interested in diverse results more than in specific pages.

Writing for SearchEngineWatch.com, Eric Enge calculated that in using the AdWords keyword tool for the term “jaguar”, the search for jaguar, the animal, only ranked seventh. The sites that preceded it in rank are all related to Jaguar, the car. The automotive company’s jaguar is keyword optimized; while the natural world’s jaguar is not.

As the big cat accounted for only a little more than nine percent of total related searches for “jaguar,” Enge said it’s safe to assume that over 90 percent of users want cars. Under the QDD, Google will rank Jaguar, the car, higher in the SERP than jaguar, the animal, because it’s the hotter and trendier content.

Should you care?

Indiana SEO experts attest that keyword optimization matters a great deal. In an interview with Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, Cutts explained the importance of differentiation. He said that even as your content may not be a carbon copy of another, it will offer nothing exciting or distinctive. If there isn’t anything to distinguish your site from the rest, don’t expect any impressive ranking in the SERP.

SEO companies such as the Indy SEO Firm have taken Cutts’ advice to heart for many years. Let Indiana SEO experts show you how keyword optimization marketing works.