Reaching Customers through Social Media Marketing in Indianapolis

In today’s digital age, Facebook has changed the way people connect with each other. Almost everyone has a profile in the social media website, using it to keep updated with their family and friends. Moreover, it gives individuals a chance to display their interests and hobbies, as well as the brands and companies they support.

Facebook Reasserts


Because of the growing potential in the Facebook community, Indianapolis businesses would do well to explore tapping into this market to reach out to their potential customers. An article posted on The New York Times website explains how companies can benefit from the network of real-world connections of each social media user:

…Facebook … has big business motivations for finding ways to show the 1.2 trillion posts on its service more frequently and to more people: The more time people spend on Facebook, the more advertising they see and the better targeted those ads can be.

One of its most important advertising products, called sponsored stories, involves rebroadcasting user posts praising a company’s product to their friends. Advertisers find such endorsement ads very appealing because people tend to trust recommendations from friends over other types of ads.

To achieve success in this platform, you should be proactive so you can establish a relationship with your target market. Social media marketing for Indianapolis businesses entails posting regular status updates and rigorous planning on when to release quality content. You need to get them involved in the developments of your business, from the new products available to the limited promotions.

If this sounds like too much work, consider hiring an Indianapolis internet marketing firm that offers social media optimization, such as Indy SEO Firm. By doing so, you can simply brief them about the kind of content you want to promote and focus on your main line of business after. While you manage your operations, they get to work on the implementation of your social media campaign. As a result, you get to have engaged and loyal customers while keeping your business moving forward.

Marketing professionals say that it is more expensive to acquire new customers rather than keep your existing ones. With social media marketing, your business takes advantage of both by keeping your previous customers updated and giving them a chance to share your content with their friends list.

(Article Information and Image from Facebook Reasserts Posts Can Be Used to Advertise, The New York Times, Published November 15, 2013)