Responsive Web Design in Indianapolis Improves User Accessibility

More and more people are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices, so it’s critical for websites to actually work on these mobile platforms to be any effective. Moreover, websites accessible on mobile gadgets must have the capability to adapt to the users’ unique search preferences. The Business 2 Community website has a curious news feature dated March 9, 2014 that discusses the importance of responsive web design, and how it helps localize the site for users. The article outlines the benefits of a responsive web design:

“Responsive Web design is a hot topic—and it’s grabbed the attention of software developers, marketers and CEOs alike. (With the stats we mentioned earlier, it’s easy to see why.) But what is it exactly?

In essence it’s a website design approach that allows your website to fluidly adapt for viewing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It has some pretty solid benefits:

  • Responsive Web design creates a more positive user experience for mobile users.
  • It helps your website load faster and makes websites easier to navigate on mobile devices.
  • Websites designed this way—rather than having a separate landing page for mobile—are also favored by search engines, increasing your site’s findability.
  • The concept goes hand in hand with making it as easy as possible for mobile users to engage with your company and brand—and ultimately purchase your products and services.”

Responsive website design might sound deceptively simple and comparable to regular website development at first glance, yet it involves a lot of changes. Designers need to improve upon their web content layouts and site navigation so that users across different platforms can easily access the websites. Such a tedious task is best suited for professionals, so businesses with regular websites should turn to experts in web design from Indianapolis, such as Indy SEO Firm.

responsive web design

There’s more to responsive web design than simply scaling down online content to fit small screens. Developers need to consider that site visitors utilizing different systems might be browsing for different reasons. For instance, mobile phone users might be looking for a business’ contact details while tablet users might be looking to purchase an item online. Unique content designed for specific users is a welcome feature for business websites.

Creating responsive online content is easier said than done. It takes intimate knowledge of how each device works to be able to create a website that’s accessible and operational on all possible platforms. Fortunately, businesses that lack the know-how can always rely on a professional firm for responsive website design in Indianapolis.

(Source: Responsive Web Design: Paving the Way for a Better Website Localization Process,, March 9, 2014)