SEM Issues Indiana Search Engine Marketing Firms Can Help You With

Now that another year is here, it’s time to ask yourself about your New Year’s resolutions for your business. What goals do you want your search engine marketing efforts to achieve this year? Take a look at some of the areas an Indiana search engine marketing firm can help you with so you can implement a stronger search engine marketing (SEM) program for the rest of 2013.

You’re employing SEM to drive more traffic to your website. But before you can attract more visitors, you need to study where they’re coming from. Check your analytics to learn which keywords are currently driving organic search traffic, and to which websites. This will tell you where you currently stand in terms of SEM performance.

If your numbers are relatively lower, your potential customers are most likely using keywords that your site isn’t using, so you need to update your keyword research to learn how customers can find you. By comparing the results of your research with your analytics data, you can determine if your site is attracting its fair share of organic search traffic for your particular keyword market. If not, you’ll need to use title tags and create a keyword map.

If your website content shows that it is optimized for the most relevant keywords but your analytics reveal a lackluster SEM performance, the problem may lie in accessibility. If your site has accessibility issues, it can’t be indexed properly because some of its parts are overlooked by search engine crawlers. Or perhaps it contains a lot of duplicate content that search engines ignore altogether.

Aside from accessibility, another issue could be link authority. A site may contain the most relevant keywords and be highly visible to search engine crawlers, but if it doesn’t have links from other sites, your SEM campaign will be for nothing. Increasing links to your website from significant, high-quality sites will work wonders.

In any case, working with an Indianapolis web marketing specialist like Indy SEO Firm to address these problem areas will help you maximize your website. If you find the technical aspect of SEM a bit confusing, then a web marketing company can do the backend work for you. It will also advise you on effective strategies to realize your New Year’s resolutions for your business.