SEO Fundamentals: The Importance of Targeted Keywords in Indiana Web Marketing Campaigns

It’s not enough that enterprises rely on conventional methods of product placement or brand integration. Consumers put products and services under scrutiny before patronizing them. In addition, the Internet has drastically changed the way companies introduce their products and services to potential markets. Novel ways of marketing were developed to cater to meticulous consumers online. One such method is Indiana SEM or search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing (SEM) can be likened to casting a web made of strings of information that ultimately lead to a product or service provided by certain companies. Indiana SEO or search engine optimization professionals know for a fact that Internet users would most likely utilize search engines like Google and Yahoo to retrieve strings of information. There are three governing principles regarding the use of search engines.

According to Eric Enge, author of The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization, using search engines involve seeking for particular websites (navigational query); looking for something to purchase (transactional query); and wanting to be knowledgeable on something (informational query). Indiana SEO experts can attest that most users enter their queries as a string of words or phrases. Once results for the query are shown, users determine the relevance of the top results and perform a modified query if these results do not satisfy them.

Search engine marketers call query phrases ‘keywords’. Keywords are important for any SEM campaign because they function as the portal to a company’s website. Some companies even take many generic-sounding keywords and embed them in online advertisements, blog posts, and web articles. However, as any reputable Indiana web marketing consultant would say, doing so will not guarantee favorable search engine results.

Each keyword should be targeted toward the potential user. For instance, a generic keyword such as “used cars” would not be as effective as “Indiana used cars dealership.” Providing geotags (specific locations) increases the chances of a company’s website landing on the top search results page. There are several advantages of using targeted keywords in Indiana SEM campaigns instead of generic ones.

Search engine users get more satisfaction from targeted keywords as queries are immediately answered. Search engines also reward SEO companies that use relevant keywords. They do so by providing these companies with better placement on search results and by substantially decreasing the cost of targeted keywords. Some think that Indiana web marketing is all about generating heavy traffic on websites. However, not all Internet users who visit websites will procure products or services. Targeted keywords ensure that majority of website visitors are interested and willing to patronize what a company has to offer.