SEO Indianapolis 101: Optimizing Literary Websites

Many aspiring authors today start out using the Internet as a new medium for their literary works. Young authors seek an audience and their criticism online. This is how they learn to write and how to improve their skills. For such websites that are new on the Internet, search engine optimization is a valuable tool for gathering an audience. Here are some genres and media that may need search engine optimization.

Web comics, although not technically literature for some critics, are becoming a popular medium for humorists. The same is true for those who “publish” through podcasts or use audiovisual media like short fiction in video format. These have both literary and visual aesthetic value. If not, the pieces are normally in the process of getting there.

Literary criticism websites sometimes get fewer hits than web comic websites because these typically capture the attention of aficionados and experts, both of whom comprise a small fraction of the populace. However, these websites may be of help for those participating in the websites mentioned earlier (web comics and podcasts). Theory, tradition, and standards help aspirants to become better writers by learning how the classics became what they are now. Some of these websites contain podcasts and blogs that explain literary trends and how they sometimes change.

There are web magazines that also publish works. Much like the modern version of the penny dreadful, these collect and display literary works of varying quality. Some “webzines” may do well to have a blog section where these keywords may be entered via essays from SEO Indianapolis firms. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves populating the web pages with keywords, search items that users typically enter into the search engine so these websites can do well to apply these keywords.

Erotic fiction is perhaps the most overlooked genre; there are those that find it difficult to accept that there are some pieces of the “smut” genre that actually have genuine literary value. There are erotica archive websites that hire SEO firms. SEO Indianapolis campaigns can be accomplished using podcasts, blogs (for non-erotic material), and perhaps artwork all tagged with the necessary keywords.

Science fiction and sword-and-sandal are relatively popular. There are just so many of these websites that some of them get overshadowed by those with staying power. There are SEO Indianapolis firms that can help them by affiliating them with social media websites.