Social Media Marketing in Indianapolis: Basic Internet Rules Apply

Social media is acknowledged to be a convenient and very accessible way to network with friends and strangers alike. In the case of businesses, it is an ocean of opportunities that companies must try to comprehend to be able to tap for marketing purposes. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of subscribers, most—if not all—of whom can be considered potential customers for a product or service.

taming the social meadia marketing beast

While these sites provide utmost convenience in publishing content with one click and in promoting without charge to a wide margin of people, rules do exist to control their use as an advertising channel. In addition, these sites reside within the Internet environment, which has a preset system of doing things. Businesses need planning and guidance from online marketing specialists like Indy SEO Firm if they’re thinking of creating a credible and effective Internet marketing strategy.

An article written by Jeff Bullas for the Business 2 Community website defines the advantages and challenges of social media marketing that companies should be aware of. Taking a quote from Steve Jobs, Bullas states that the basis of social media revolves around three simple components: “It’s unrivalled power to publish, market and communicate to a global community in real time.” Since social media is constantly being updated, so must the content being published in a company’s website.

Social media marketing also has a number of challenges, according to Bullas:

“Despite many people understanding that they can’t ignore social. And they have moved beyond “why” to “how”, there are still many challenges.

One of these is the need for “unlearning”. John Maynard Keynes summed it up well when he said

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as escaping old ones“

This includes flipping old marketing habits on their head. Social media marketing is not about your brand, your products or selling. It’s about your customer.

It’s not about control but it is about managing the splintered chaos that is social media.
These challenges will push many comfort zones to the limits in traditional business models.”

The article notes some guidelines on how to make internet marketing in Indianapolis or other parts of the United States more effective. Simple rules like knowing the company’s target audience, setting and prioritizing short-term goals, and creating reliable content should be noted to successfully launch an Internet campaign.

Overall, businesses and marketing groups should not take social media marketing in Indianapolis and other cities lightly. Even though social media is accessible and immediately available, disregarding Internet marketing rules can turn these advantages into hindrances. Simply put, an optimized but unreliable content can tarnish the reputation of a company.

(Source: Taming the Social Media Marketing Beast, Business 2 Community, March 12, 2014)