Stay Relevant in the Business World by Having a Good Website Design in Indianapolis

Some business owners do not give too much credence to the importance of website design in Indianapolis. This is a dangerous way of thinking because these enterprises must realize that the ever-changing marketplace demands dynamism in one’s marketing efforts. Today, there are hundreds of millions of internet users; making it necessary for business owners to keep in tune with the most current trends in order to stay relevant.

Last year, the official blog of Yelp, a popular consumer review website, reported that 85 percent of consumers use the Internet to look for local products and services. As browsing and buying is becoming largely an online activity, having a strong web presence has become indispensable. A good web design is the first major step for Naptown business owners towards achieving that.

Important as the visuals aspect of the website may be, web design is not limited to its appearance. In fact, web design is a general term used to describe various tasks that need to be done to create web pages. There are two basic aspects involved in a page’s creation: the front end and back end.

The front end refers to the visual presentation of the website itself, and how users interact with it. Some business owners may dismiss the visual aspect, believing that serious customers don’t really care about design, since they visit websites principally to find information. While it is true that content (articles, calls-to-action, etc.) is important, how you present it is just as important.

In 2009, a survey of business-to-business customers showed that 69 percent believed that web design is very important. In addition, 57 percent also thought that other visual presentation like videos are also important. The back end—information for search engine software—is a crucial factor to letting Google and Yahoo, for example, rank a site better in SERPs.

Indianapolis internet marketing companies, such as the Indy SEO Firm, offer comprehensive web design services. These companies can effectively optimize your website to help broaden the coverage of your online presence, whether you wish to target a specific neighborhood, the entire state of Indiana, or the global online community. Although web design is a small aspect of your overall internet marketing strategy, it can greatly help you stay relevant in this highly-competitive business world.