The Seven Stages of Communication Involved in the SEO Services Indiana Internet Marketing Companies Provide

Communication enables people to maintain their relationship with their family and friends. Putting this in the marketing context, businesses should have effective means of communication to improve their relationship with their consumers. The SEO Indianapolis has to offer can help businesses pinpoint how to stay in touch with clients. In addition, such online marketing services can help businesses learn about the seven stages of communication, which can be useful for enhancing strategies to acquire loyal customers.

Sender – The sender is the person who initiates the communication and is responsible for creating the messages that would be conveyed. In this sense, the company that is manufacturing or selling the product can be the primary sender of the message. Businesses can also enlist the services of advertising companies to do the “sending” for them. The sender is also in charge of ensuring that the recipients understand the message.

Context – This is the environment in which the message is presented. This might have an impact on how potential consumers receive the message about a particular product or service. There are many things that form context, such as the present economic conditions in the region where the message is presented.

Encoding – This pertains to the ability to deliver messages clearly to receivers without any interference or any confusing information. Encoding is the phase where businesses establish themselves and make their offers apparent to buyers. Since some recipients might get the wrong idea about a certain business, the SEO services Indiana internet marketing outfits like the Indy SEO Firm provide are designed to properly represent companies through their websites or advertisements in social media sites.

Channels and Decoding – Channels are the platforms used to transmit the message. Recipients mostly gather information and decode messages through their visual and auditory senses. Thus, utilizing channels that stimulate these senses are highly advantageous for businesses. They can maximize the reach of different media portals like newspapers, television, and the Internet.

Receiver and Feedback – It is important for businesses to know their receivers (consumers) and identify the latter’s reaction to a certain product. Since these receivers may have preconceived ideas about the products presented to them, it is important to have a better understanding of their thoughts. Several SEO Indiana companies help enterprises gather and analyze consumer opinion by incorporating a feedback panel in websites, through which customers can give their thoughts about and suggestions for a business’ products and services.