Upgrade User Experience with Responsive Website Design in Indianapolis

Responsive web design—which is web design which adapts itself seamlessly to desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers—is the future of internet marketing. If your company has not adapted to this trend, it could result in disastrous business and financial losses. Just examine the facts: as of May 2013, 61 percent of all adult mobile phone users in America access the Internet on their mobile devices.

Moreover, 74 percent of smartphone users look up geo-targeted information on their devices outside their homes. As mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage this year, search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns can no longer rely solely on desktop searches to drive traffic to business websites. While some experts might argue that separate mobile websites are better than responsive websites, companies that provide responsive web design in Indianapolis, like Indy SEO Firm, state that responsive web design is not only more versatile, but is also more attuned to the needs of Internet users.

Upgrade User Experience with Responsive Website Design in Indianapolis

Web developers who have experience designing and building mobile-friendly websites often prefer a much simpler approach to website building—flash animation and long blocks of text are no longer recommended. As many mobile browsers are busy and always on the go, they prefer websites that have navigable menus, with the logo and contact number at the top of the page, which makes contacting the business much easier. To make business websites more mobile- and tablet-friendly, text fields should be replaced with drop-down menus and multiple-choice buttons.

Companies that specialize in Indianapolis website design can create business websites that are not only compatible with mobile devices and tablets, but are also highly functional. Businesses in Central Indiana can take advantage of new commercial processes, such as mobile tagging. Mobile tags provide more product information than traditional barcodes; in fact, studies have shown that 29 percent of mobile users are open to scanning mobile tags to get coupons that can be redeemed instantly.

(Article Information and Image from Why Your Business Needs a Responsive Website Before 2014; Forbes)