Why Content is King

Content is king. And you will often hear this from SEO experts. But what really makes it the king in the SEO world? Let’s look into the following points that will prove this right:

Search engines need something to base their rankings on

Content is one of the first things search engines look into when indexing your website. They have web crawlers that find and retrieve pages at an incredibly fast manner. Content is one of the main elements they look into when crawling through a page. Once these crawlers find poor content with irrelevant keywords, they will move on to other pages. This means you lose your ticket to the much-coveted rank at the search results.

Keyword rich copy does the job

Using the right keywords is very much important. But “keyword rich” doesn’t mean stuffing your copy with tons of it. This was the practice a few years ago. This technique may have worked for sites that display ads and those that don’t value getting a solid, loyal customer base. Google has long since updated its algorithms, allowing them to determine if keywords appear on the page for a reasonable number of times. If your site has unusually high density of a particular keyword, expect it to drop in the rankings. In worse cases, it could mean permanent removal of the site from the search engine index.

A keyword-rich copy uses keywords sparingly, while effectively telling search engines what each page is about. Content that uses keywords and phrases that best represent the brand, products, or services turns the website into a highly effective marketing tool.

Quality content impresses visitors

While you’re trying to please the search engines through quality content, you should also remember that real people are visiting your website. Make sure your content is well written and catches the interest of readers. Make the copy interesting and relevant to their needs. As you provide quality readership, potential customers will likely go back to your site and they will read and browse some more.

Excellent website content, along with impressive web design and internal linking structure, is your ticket to online popularity. Talk to our SEO specialists today for more information about efficient content management.