Why Internet Marketing Indianapolis SEO Companies Recommend Blogs

With the rise of Internet marketing, the need for yellow pages and printed ads is at its low point. Consumers gather information about products, companies, and services through their laptops and smart phones. According to statistics, 78 percent of internet users conduct product research online. Indianapolis website marketing companies target these people through search engine optimization (SEO) and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Small business owners can make use of the web marketing advantage to reach their target audience and increase their Website’s traffic.

Putting up a blog for your business or company can be helpful. Surveys revealed that companies that blog get 55 percent more traffic. Blogs should not be confused with microblogs such as Tumblr, Plurk, and Twitter, because only small and limited content can be posted in these platforms. WordPress and Blogger are popular blogging platforms where you can post articles related to your business.

Blog posts can be as long as you want, but preferably concise and factual to keep the reader interested. Pictures and videos can be added to make your posts more interesting. Writing content just for the sake of advertising can turn off potential clients. Think of blogging as a way of helping others by sharing your knowledge through tips, how-tos, and tutorials.

One of the principal benefits of blogs is that it builds links. Helpful and informative blogs attract more readers who can share your post by spreading your URL via Twitter, Facebook, or making a link in their personal blogs. Even internet marketing Indianapolis companies such as Indy SEO Firm maintain a blog to keep readers and their clients informed about their business and Internet marketing in general.

Did you know that 57 percent of businesses worldwide have acquired a customer through a blog? Blogs are a good way to boost your sales and credibility. They offer uncomplicated URL structure, making it easier for search engine spiders to find and go through blog content. Well-written and educational blog posts correspond to your knowledge, experience, and skill in your field of business or service. These posts can convince prospective clients that you might be the one they’re looking for.

There are several search engine optimization companies Indianapolis business owners can go to for assistance. A great deal of SEO strategies can be applied in the blogging process. Keywords and tags can be incorporated in your posts, thus making it faster for search engines to find your blog. The more comments, trackbacks, and interaction go into your blog, the higher it will climb in search engine rankings. Being a part of an active blog community will increase your site’s visibility, thereby achieving your goal of successfully marketing your business.