Working with an Indianapolis Web Design Firm to Upgrade the Business

Conventional wisdom would tell you that the biggest enterprises in the world should have the largest manpower, follow the best business models, and employ the latest technologies in their respective industries. Surprisingly, the truth is a bit off the mark as it’s been discovered that only two FTSE100 companies have a responsive web design—a feature that is endorsed by nearly all website design authorities today. Online publication The Drum also revealed that only 42 of these 100 big enterprises have a mobile website.

only two of the ftse100 use responsive web design while over half not having mobile site

So how come even the best companies don’t have the latest internet assets at their disposal, such as a responsive website? Well, there are actually plenty of reasons why a responsive web design hasn’t clicked, and the biggest one is that not everyone knows what it is. In layman’s terms, a responsive web design allows a website to seamlessly change itself according to how the user manipulates the web browser.

For example, if the browser is enlarged, the website should follow suit and rearrange its images, graphics, and other elements in an intuitive manner that they don’t become a tangled mess. A responsive web design is one of the things reputable Indianapolis web design firms, like Indy SEO Firm, can offer to businesses, whether they are on the FTSE100 list or not.

A responsive design is all but mandatory in today’s fast-paced world as the number of users who access the Internet via mobile devices is growing steadily. In a study published in 2013, almost 50 percent of internet users employ smartphones and tablets to go online, compared to just 35 percent in 2011. Since these handheld gadgets have smaller screens, the websites that they load tend to get jumbled up at best, and be unusable at worst. Responsive web design optimizes each site for use in these devices.

Things don’t just end in design alone; responsive websites are also used as platforms from which mobile marketing campaigns are launched. The potential is right there: if the people who frequently use smartphones and tablets to access websites have no time to read lengthy emails, even from their gadgets, companies can easily send them SMS messages.

Luckily, an Indianapolis web development company that can create a responsive website is also likely to have the skills for developing a mobile marketing campaign. Engaging its services is shooting two birds with one stone. Professional website design and mobile marketing experts can help even fledgling businesses make the cut and hopefully join the next FTSE100.

(Source: Only two of the FTSE100 use responsive web design while over half not having mobile site, The Drum, February 27, 2014)